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Captain Travis Lanphar

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Captain Shanon Lanphar

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USCG Captains Travis Lanphar & brother Shanon Lanphar grew up in Central Florida and have spent the last 30 + years fishing the lakes, canals, and inshore flats of Central and South Florida.  They are avid bow hunters and archery enthusiasts.  Their love for bowfishing started while they were preparing for an alligator hunt with a bow.  Equipped with an old Ben Pearson recurve with badly twisted limbs and a tape on reel, they practiced shooting at fish to prepare for the alligator hunt.  The excitement of shooting fish prompted them to compete in local bowfishing tournaments to hone their skills.  Twisted Limbs Bowfishing was born. Since then, both captains travel to shoot national tournaments to meet like-minded fisherman in the industry.  Travis and Shanon now spend many nights and weekends sharing their love of bowfishing with others.  Join them for an adventure that you won't forget.

Bowfishing Boats


Twisted Limbs uses two 2019 Alweld 2270 center console boats with 20 - 100 watt ArrowLED lights.  These boats are 22' in length which offers a very stable and comfortable fishing platform.  With this setup, we are able to reach shallow water and still provide plenty of room to move around the boat when the action starts to heat up.

Bowfishing Bows


We use AMS Hooligan & Juice bowfishing bows setup with AMS TNT Retrievers and Innerloc arrows and points. These bows can be used by most shooters, and are simple for both beginners and veteran bowfishers.  

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